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Today we are talking about topics that in my opinion are not talked about enough. You know, being in deficit is the main thing and of course knowing that you should be in deficit is half the battle, but how do you actually make sure you have a deficit?

These 6 practical tips will definitely help you make your slope a little easier !!

Protein helps you stay satisfied for longer. So definitely use this for you.

I think that having a salad with protein a day will probably lower your carbohydrate intake and thus your total calorie intake. Not to say that carbohydrates are bad, but it's just another easy way to eat less calories during the day!

Having a protein snack on hand instead of a very tasty (carbohydrate and fat) snack will help you a lot, especially with attendance and overall daily protein intake. If you usually eat a snickers bar as a snack and switch to a protein bar or shake, you will probably see significant calorie loss.

Caffeine is a hunger suppressant, you probably already know this, but use it for yourself.

AND keeping your meals simple is a HUGE affair. I see that many people eat meals that consist of 25 ingredients, no wonder watching your nutrition is so hard for you. Keep it simple and keep track of your food intake and you will see you make more progress than you will ever imagine !!

But of course, knowing these things is half the battle. Now it's up to you to apply these lessons to your life! What are you planning to use in your life? Let me know in the comments !! 🙂

UchMy love, Dennis

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