Who can decide your life? . Is it you or is it the fear of holding you back? …

👑 Who controls your life? 👑
Is it you or is it the fear of holding you back?
For so long, I let fear control my life.
I stayed in a nursing school for 2 years even though I was miserable just for the simple fact that I was scared.
I remember flipping through Instagram with the jealousy that went through my veins as I flipped through strong women who were living out my biggest dreams
And I thought … "wouldn't it be great to be so brave?" "Wouldn't it be great to have the way to follow my dreams?"
I let fear and limiting faith hold me back and control my life.
It wasn't until I decided to take control of my life that I finally let go of the fear
Starting my own business and dropping out of a nursing school to chase my dreams is scary as hell.
Still, I wake up every morning scared as hell.
Afraid of failure
Afraid to let others down
Afraid to deceive myself
But this is not exercise
This is the only life I get and I will make my dreams come true with the time I have had.
It's time for you to do the same
Let go of any fear that holds you back from your highest self.
Today is the day to make your dreams come true.
Stop waiting.
Your dreams await you.
It's up to you to download them
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Let's all be together!
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It's time to stop wishing and start working for it
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