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@fatgirlfedup – to the girl who may have something as small as loose skin but once struggled to walk down the beach with her husband during the honeymoon. To the girl who sat in the sandy sand and pretended not to care while her newlywed husband walked along the beach without her. The 25-year-old girl weighed 485 pounds and was a prisoner in her body who existed instead of living. The girl on the left fought one hell of a fight to be left with such a beautiful battle scar. It saddens me so many are afraid of losing weight because of having loose skin when the girl on the right saved her life and is now 100% able to run, walk, drop and more down the same beach with her husband. Skin is something so small in the big picture of things, cosmetics, and can be changed if needed. It does not define who you are or makes you feel less beautiful. I'd rather have 10x looser skin and be healthy not to mention ALIVE than have perfect skin, and a shorter life expectancy on my deathbed because of my weight. We only get one life, one body and taking care of our health is what allows us to live the best but not as we look.
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