#ramadanbuffet is a great time for a family or colleague to meet. Buffet and …

#ramadanbuffet is a great time for a family or colleague to meet. Buffets are not completely off-limits while you are watching your weight – you just have to approach them with clear head and plan:

➡️ Use a smaller album. This helps to keep your mind from resting longer than you are because the disk looks fuller
➡️ Sit farther away from the buffet. Out of sight, out of mind. When you can see the buffet from the seat, it is easier to go back to the extra dose
➡️ Check the buffet instead of serving immediately. Knowing all the buffet food makes it easier to choose what you really want – rather than filling your plate with all the food you see
➡️ Eat slowly and chew more. Yes, we know that you are hungry for almost 14 hours of fasting but take some time. Chewing more affects attendance. If you spend longer chewing food, you eat more slowly, so you realize you are no longer hungry sooner
➡️ Leave a disc on the disk. This makes sense – eating less simply means less calories and prevents eating too much. Even better – take less than what you would normally eat to prevent wastage
Socially applied. Spend time talking and focusing on relationships rather than just food Surround yourself with healthy people. Research shows that we can easily record the behavior of our family and friends.

Simple tips to ease your weight loss journey #Ramadhan. Be smart!

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