You've done more. You're not here to guess how you look in the miracle …

You've done more.

You are not here to guess how you look in the mirror.

You are not here to put your value in the outward appearance.

You are here for so much more than that.

I discovered how to use more by moving my body, fueling it properly and as a result, I could step into my power.

You, my dear, are so powerful.

Feel Good Naked Academy was made to show you that YOU are here GOING MORE than you think.

Yes, you are going to lose weight. Yes, you are going on a workout. Yes, you are going to learn which foods are best for your body.

But most importantly, you are gaining the confidence you need to step into the highest version of yourself.

You will not starve yourself. You will not workout for hours. You will not say no because you are "on a diet". You won't be alone.

I am with you every footstool and I will give you everything you need.

But it's up to you to put yourself into the job.

And your first task is to take the leap.

Invest in yourself.

It's scary, it's uncomfortable.

But where you are right now is uncomfortable too.

Be uncomfortable with me and go to the academy.

We close today.

Link to my biography to apply! #thefeelgoodnakedacademy #ashtynpharisfitness