22 years old, Sarah is a young mother of one who should celebrate her youth …

At the age of 22, Sarah is a young mother of one who should celebrate her childhood and the new family but was lost. Her self-esteem and self-care seemed to be collapsing as the top of the scale continued to rise.
Sarah was desperate to develop and restore her confidence. What motivated her to achieve was a promise to herself to stay healthy and care for her growing child who would eventually have her own family.

With a program that suited her needs, Sarah lost 24KG and dropped 18.7% of her body fat. From being obese, she is now a young young mother and able to wear the clothes she wants.

One big change for her: "Having healthier eating habits! I rarely eat fast food and a sweet drink or dessert. I can confidently declare that I know how to cook right now – at least for myself. The skills I took up from # FLOmovement! ".

When asked for one piece of advice for readers, she urged everyone "to be sure of yourself and your success. Don't let another opinion drag you down. Focus on your will and be 200% committed".

Well done Sarah!
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