Exactly why you need to focus on the habit first since the detail ONLY after …

EXACTLY why you need to focus on the habit first since the details ONLY after the routine is in place. 👊 #Repost @ hooper.fit
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If you haven't read the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg yet, skip what you are doing and get a copy.

When it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle, it really comes down to refining your daily habits.

Human behavior and why we do what we do is mostly discouraged. Every decision we make, for better or worse, is taken out of habit.
▪ to make our shoes 👟
▪️ Driving our car 🚙
▪️ prepare your morning cup of joe ☕️
Even our thoughts are routine! We rarely analyze and question our own beliefs. We accept them because "it has always been that way." Our thoughts and behaviors are so effortless that they are automatic.

BUT there is good news! If we had the ability to create "bad" habits (such as smoking), then we also have the ability to create better self-serving habits.

Instead of having the mindless eating of a bowl of Captain Crunch every morning, you can begin to consciously eat us fruit or eat eggs. And repeat that behavior until it becomes your new habit.

You can do this in any area of ​​your life.
▪️ Want to become a baker? Bake more cakes. 🎂
▪️ Want to become a violinist? Practice the violin daily. 🎻
▪️ Want to learn sign language? Take a course. 🖐🏼
Notice how all of these features have ONE thing in common: repetition

And that's great because our fitness and nutrition habits work the same way. If you want to become the person who effortlessly maintains a light physique, then you can start now by slowly starting to reflect the habits of someone who is living that lifestyle.

Once you have mastered one habit, you can systematically incorporate new ones and continue to build on them over time.

And don't underestimate the importance of having FUN on the way. People do not do things that they do not enjoy long term. If there is no benefit or "reward" for performing your routine (aka: a new habit), don't stick with it.

It is important to follow all 4 steps of HABIT LOOP.