HEALTH vs HEALTH (read this caption!) – Let me just say that I AM BIG …

HEALTH vs HEALTH (read this caption!)

Let me just say that I am BIG FAN eating healthy foods (of course😂). But trying to reach any fitness goal (fat loss / muscle growth) by "eating healthy" can be an annoying journey. 😩

10 years ago I didn't know anything about calories or macronutrients. Zero. So when I tried to lose weight and tried to lose weight, I would start eating healthy. So I would cut out (what I thought it was) unhealthy food like bread, candy, chocolate etc. and eat only foods labeled "healthy" (😭)

Guess what? It didn't work. I didn't lose weight. So it was basically what I call a lose-lose situation (reverse win-win🤪). Because I didn't get to eat the food I enjoyed (🍕🍫) and it didn't even make me lose weight

Fast forward a few years and I began to learn about calories and exercise. And the fact that I could fit chocolate or ice cream in my otherwise healthy diet and still lose weight. 🤯🤯 because total calorie intake is number 1 that controls weight management (Not if the food is "healthy" or "unhealthy")

So to wrap up this really long caption (sorry) I want to say that HEALTH matters a lot. But when it comes to losing weight, there must be an understanding of calories. Because as you can see in the picture, there can be a big difference in calories in two foods, even though they are both “healthy” !!

If you read until here I love you! Hope you have the best week of euro !! 🌸
Thanks to @thobrandt for the photo.