I've been reading this book about habits and it got me thinking. Surrender is high …

I've read this book about habits and it got me thinking.

Surrender is a habit.

In his book, Stephen Covey writes of the will to give way to what we think we want now because of what we want later.
So often we give in to what we want now without realizing how it affects what we want later.
And that, according to Covey, it comes down to these three things:


Knowledge tells you what to do.
Skill tells us how to do it.
And a desire makes us want to do it.

Therefore, everything has to do with the fact that one of these things is not responding.
Either we don't know what to do so we end up nothing; or we don't know how to do it so we just throw in the towel.
And it's big: we lack a higher purpose for what we want to achieve.

We know what to do and how to do it, but our ultimate goal is not to encourage us enough to stick to the painful process of calming our habits.
Because if you didn't know it already, YES, you CAN replace your bad habits with better ones.
You just have to coordinate what and how and why.

MIC DROP! 🎤 Makes perfect sense.
For a while now I have tried to break my habit of nothing. And reading that part of three things hit me like a truck. I have no clear vision of my higher purpose. So how do I expect to stop doing what feels good now what I want later when I don't know why? I'm talking about really profound why it drives us. Why get rid of all the excuses. Why it pushes you even on the days you prefer to do what feels good.

Which is one of your bad habits that you are trying to break right now?
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