A lot of people are guilty of this. Emotional eating does not solve the problem, …

Many people are guilty of this. Emotional eating doesn't solve the problem, it gets worse. Stay awake! 🤗❤
Email from @thefitnesschef_ – Emotional eating has a variety of origins. But this post is a counterintuitive attempt to remove its context and discuss it with a measured approach. –

First, if I am emotionally traumatized by a person, am I daring to advise someone to simply "not eat it"? Now yes. I am because any treatments or discoveries you undertake, if successful, will all end in you deciding NOT to eat emotionally anyway. And you already have unbridled power to do it now.

Although the discussion of the complexities of human psychology and its relation to calorie consumption appears to be prevailing, we naturally feel that food can control the decisions we make regarding their consumption. However, it can not. We don't have to be victims. –

Unfortunately, all of this is to provide a subconscious excuse for its perpetual return to our lives, especially on setbacks. And while such events can arouse feelings, pain and suffering, our intelligence will always tell us that food does not affect the healing or solution of these problems – this logical voice must be heard.

– "Why do you eat 4 cinnamon twists?" … "Because I had a bad day at work" .. "Will it make your bad day at work better?" .. "No" .. And there it is.

Simply "saying no" is simple and basic advice, but it is a clear path to a practical solution where we can take responsibility for our actions and properly face our problems. –

Obviously, this content can't be solved in one Instagram post and I'm awaiting review. But if this only helps one person to reflect and discover that they have 100% control over their nutritional decisions, and that food does not solve their problems and that violence can create further problems and that they are already strong, then this position will have been worth it. –

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