Are you ready for week this week? GO – Natural, sugar-free energy for …

Are you ready for week this week?
GO – GO's natural, sugar-free energy boasts vitamins and salts, then pair them with heavenly flavors and other earthy ingredients. That's the energy answer you've been looking for!

Suggested use: Add Go sticks to 16oz of cold water Shake it up. Drink it up. ⭐️ GO tastes delicious but if too sweet you can add more than 16oz of water or try adding lemon or lime. Tains Contains caffeine equivalent to about a cup of coffee; if you're sensitive, try starting with ½ Sticks ⭐️ Also tasty when compared to other sticks from M ⭐️ GO's Unbelievable in Yogurt – can also make popsicles and mix smoothies ⭐️ ⭐️ Key profits ⭐️
Sugar-free / 0 calories
No jitters, no crashes
Increased salts
BioPerine® for enhanced access (25-45% more) clinically proven to increase delivery of what your body needs