Snack upgrade * Swipe for healthier and easier snacks :) Which is in your favor …

Snares updated 😃🙌🍌 * Swipe for healthier and easier snacks 🙂 What is your favorite? 🙊😍

Five simple snack updates for you or if you own a small one! 💛👶 ⠀

Cut the apple, topped with banana and hemp hearts or full fat Greek yogurt and cinnamon. Tip Top tip: Pairing fruit with healthy fat | Protein helps keep us full longer🌟

Cut your bananas, click on lolly sticks, fill the bowls with a nourishing top and dip them! Here we have:
• dried coconut: iron + fiber
• cinnamon: flavor
• mixed nuts: protein + fat

Cucumber updated with cheese and avocado.
Emp hemp seeds in guacamole are a great way to add omega to your diet. Cute star shapes voluntarily

You must try this easy + delicious idea! 😍
Peel cut bananas, pop lolly stick, dip yogurt + sprinkle coconut + seeds over. Then freeze until the yogurt hardens.
• Yogurt: bursts of intestinal nutrition
• flaxseed: fiber + protein
• Coconut: iron + fiber.

Remember when you were little, having a pineapple🍍 + cheese in a spit?!? 😍🤭 When I was young, these and my Party Rings were my favorite things at kiddie parties🥳
Actually, this is a great little snack idea as it is a tasty and sweet way to pair your fruit with protein | fat and it helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins from fruit

Which would you choose first ?! 🤩
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Almost the weekend! Hope you have a great time!