Eat your fat! ⠀ Dietary fat is the most energy-dense macronutrient, it gives you …

étt Eat your fats! 💥

Dietary fat is the densest macronutrient, providing you with a stable and reliable energy source.

However, it seems that people eat either high-fat or high-fat. Why is no one talking about moderate consumption !?

In addition, you will learn that consuming healthy fats is essential for overall body function.

☝️ The quality of your food fat is more important than the quantity.

Get fat in your diet from whole foods and nutritious foods. That's why I created this infographic.

💥Try to incorporate foods into the diet and reduce the intake of unhealthy fats found in processed foods

Do not fear fat! It is IMPORTANT for best health. Just make sure you have high quality sources!

Be Healthy 💚 Peace ✌️