Program Overview The LotusJule method focuses on sustainability. Just as we …

Plan summary
The LotusJule method focuses on sustainability. Just as we work hard to recycle and maintain our mortal assets, we must find a way to maintain our health that is capable and not overwhelming. Once you complete this program, you will find it much easier to avoid getting back, because you will have the psychology, diet and exercise equipment to prevent the uprising. The majority of weight loss programs will delve right into your diet and exercise, but the Lotusjule method spends the first full week of exploring your radical beliefs and relationships with exercise and food. We will look at possible addictions, systematic patterns, family history, underlying goals and various relationships with food and exercise, encouraging a transformational image of yourself to heal once and for all. The method also leans heavily on scientific data and research, as well as sharpening your health with intuitive knowledge. The second week deals with diet and fasting with breaks, the third week we start with exercise and finally in the fourth week I offer other methods of self-care and well-being that you could incorporate. I have full faith in the power of longevity and sustainability, do not use standard methods of drastically reduced calories and massive workouts and my values ​​do not fall in line with the prescriptive side of Western medicine. The main goal of the Lotus Christmas method is to get to the root of all the underlying problems so that you can begin to develop uncovered, clear perceptions of what is preventing you from achieving your goals and they no longer have the same power. 🌸🌷🌺 🌹💕 like the program you have been looking for, please email me for more details and visit Lotusjule Method FB page to read real reviews !! #selflove #keeping #dontgiveup #selfworth #lotusjulefitness #fitness #personaltrainer #fitnessinstructor #nsca #holistic #transformation #wellness #health # intuition #mindfullness #inspiration #healing #lotusjulemethod #method #lotus #jewel #wareness #faith #weightissues # overweight #longevity