When it comes to nutrition, eating healthy and losing weight (or even maintaining …

What do you think you struggle with most when it comes to nutrition, eating healthy and losing weight (or even losing weight)? Planning Meals and schedule
💚 find recipes to create
💙 knowing what to eat
💛 Motivation to continue
🧡 financial statements
💜 I love to have candy and wine!
🖤 ​​everything! I just don't know where to start! 💔 I am tired of eating "diet" food and see no results
Which of the above can you relate to? I know I can relate to some and this is why I'm so happy to find a nutritional plan that helped me learn: • What to eat (and check out all the recipes you get below!)
• When to eat
• How to cook
• How to shop
• How to travel and dine in restaurants
• How to deal with temptation
So you can feel satisfied and still lose weight!

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Nutrition is the hardest part about getting fit – when I relax …

Nutrition is the hardest part of getting in shape – when I let myself relax with my nutrition, all my efficiency disappears! Like, confidence .. success ?? Hello? What happened?
And that is exactly why nutrition has NEVER worked for me!
❌ I got tired of them before I finished the first week. ❌ I felt limited.
❌ I felt like I was missing out on life.
‼ ️ I needed flexibility. I needed the change to live life.
It wasn't until I changed my mindset and habits that I began to see NOT a change that lasted for more than a few weeks or months.
And that's what May Meltdown is all about. Yes, our new nutritional plan that focuses on WHAT to eat to lose weight while teaching you how to keep losing weight on your terms. We will also incorporate a 21 day workout plan to maximize your results. We want to share the devices that provide much more information and tools to help you do that!
If you can commit to:
✅ to get into the best shape of your life
✅ Join a support group daily
✅ drink vibration every day
✅ Exercise for 30 minutes a day and work out for longer (more intense) workouts
✅ to eat a portion of a controlled meal with video training that is incredible
I am looking for 15 ladies who are ready to give everything they received and apply the watch over the next 21 days! If this is you, then I want to see you take this challenge to the next level!
We start May 20!
Send me a message to reserve your place! .
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